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Private Timber Reserves

A private timber reserve is a parcel of private land or forest of at least five hectares in area set aside to grow or harvest forests.

It may be an area of:

  • native forest; or
  • a tree plantation;
  • or an area of land intended to be planted in the near future.

Private timber reserves may cover a single title or several titles and be over the whole of a title or part of a title. It must be at least five (5) hectares (12 acres) in area.


In Tasmania private timber reserves are an integral part of the State's commitment to encouraging and fostering the sustainable management of private forests. Forestry, as a major statewide industry, is covered by a statewide planning system in the form of the Forest Practices Act 1985 and Forest Practices Code.

Why would I want my land declared as a private timber reserve?

A private land owner needs to secure their right to use the land for forestry purposes in the long term. A private timber reserve provides that security.

Can I use the land for anything other than as a private timber reserve?

Developments on the land other than ‘forest operations,’ are subject to regulation by local government. If the owner wishes to undertake any other developments on the land they may require local government approval.

How do I apply to have my land classified as a Private Timber Reserve?

Private Forests Tasmania processes Private Timber Reserve applications from landowners under a delegation from the Forest Practices Authority.

Landowners interested in applying for a Private Timber Reserve over part or all of their property should contact Private Forests Tasmania for advice and assistance.

Please phone Diana Hall, Administration Officer on 03 6777 2720 if you have any queries or email

As of 1 July 2022, the fee to apply for a private tiimber reserve is $595.00 and must accompany the application.