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Grants and opportunities

What's available?

There are currently no grant opportunities available.

Trees on Farms 2021 grant program closed on 7 February 2022.  Please see below for details.

Currently, the Levy Rebate for Agroforestry Plantings is still available for privately owned or managed forests certified during 2021/2022 financial year.  Read more below.

Please check back regularly for announcements of future grant funding availability.

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Levy Rebate for Agroforestry Plantings

Private Forests Tasmania is pleased to announce the Private Forests Service Levy Rebate for privately owned or managed forests certified during the 2021/2022 financial year.

The 12-month pilot project is intended to provide an incentive for new commercial agroforestry establishment while raising awareness of the benefits of trees on farms through increased productivity.

Tasmanian case studies have found farm systems that include trees are more productive and profitable than agriculture-only enterprises.

“Trees can deliver increased primary production productivity while simultaneously growing high value timber products, delivering biofuel, improving water quality and efficiency and improving the carbon balance,” Private Forests Tasmania CEO Penny Wells said.

“Trees also protect the land for future generations while growing high value products.”

“There is a global demand for timber and in Australia, demand for soft wood is expected to double by 2050. Additionally, improvements in technology is unlocking new uses for materials derived from trees."

“Farmers can capitalise on the opportunity to plant trees. Given demand is expected to continue to rise there’s really never been a better time.”

Eligibility is for commercial agroforestry plantings only as defined by ABARES description below.

To discuss the agroforestry rebate on offer please complete this form and we will get in touch with you or call 1300 661 009.


1. Establishment or management of trees or forest stands (either plantation or native forest) on private agricultural land, generally for commercial benefit including wood production but also for farm management, environmental or aesthetic reasons.

2. A land-use system that integrates trees with agricultural crops or animals in the same land management unit.

ABARES (2020) Australia’s forests and forestry glossary, Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences, Canberra.


Trees on Farms

Trees on Farms grant program closed on 7 February 2022.

The Program, lead by Private Forests Tasmania involves co-investment from PFT, farmers and the Australian Government to develop landscape scale best practice commercial forestry plantings for demonstration purposes and was built on from the successful Integrated Farm Forestry Demonstration Sites Program which commenced in 2019.

Trees on Farms aims to assist farmers with up front establishment costs of shelterbelts, woodlots, wide spacing, riparian areas and alley farming of more than 20ha with consideration given to projects that extended across farm boundaries.

Total Program funds to be allocated is $600,000.

A wide range of completed applications were submitted, all have been per-assessed and are now to be fully assessed by the Panel in March with an expected outcome available by April 2022.

All applicants will receive advice of the outcome of their application via email with successful applicants being announced here as well as PFT's e-bulletin.

Please contact or phone 1300 661 009 for additional information.


Integrated Farm Forestry Program

The Integrated Farm Forestry Demonstration Sites program was a co-investment grant program administered by Private Forests Tasmania via funds made available from the state government and the federal government's Smart Farming Grant program.

The program sought to provide grants to develop landscape scale best practice forestry plantings in the North West, North and Southern Tasmania.

Primary producers were invited to participate via an expression of interest process.

Private Forests Tasmania are pleased to announce and congratulate the following landowners on their successful applications.
  • Logan Pty Ltd, Evandale
  • Fulham Pty Ltd, Dunalley
  • Gunningham Farms Pty Ltd, Montumana
  • Kenilworth, Campbell Town
  • Winton, Campbell Town
  • The Back Run, Ellendale
  • Quamby Plains and Chester, Westwood

The successful applicants are dispersed throughout Tasmania and across the sites there is a 50/50 mix of shelterbelts and woodlots and a range of species including Radiata Pine, Blackwood, Eucalyptus Globulus, Eucalyptus Nitens and other mixed species.

Planting will commence in later winter/spring 2021 and the trees will be integrated into farming enterprises that currently include prime lamb, wool, grass seed, cereal grains, forestry aquaculture, dairy, beef, cropping, seed growing and potential horticultural crops.