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Forestry tools

The tools provided here consist of calculators, applications and maps that are potentially useful to assist landowners, agents and foresters to manage their forests and woodlots.

All tools are free.


Farm Forestry Toolbox

The Farm Forestry Toolbox is a collection of computer programs (called tools) designed to assist owners and managers of small to medium sized forests to map, measure and manage their estates.

* Hand tools are mostly simple, stand-alone programs;

* Power tools are sophisticated inter-related programs requiring data from various EDITORS;

* Editors change system-wide settings and prepare data for use by the POWER tools; and

* The Health tool is a visual disease identification key for blue gum and radiata pine in southern Australia.

Click here to be taken to the Farm Forestry Toolbox page to download files.


Wind Risk Calculator

Private Forests Tasmania has produced ‘Forests and wind risk in Tasmania: a guidebook for foresters, landowners and planners’ and a ‘Wind risk calculator’ to assist in the collation of data and determination of the forest wind risk.

To view the 'Forests and wind risk in Tasmania' guidelines book please click here.

Click here to be taken directly to the Wind Risk Calculator.


AFORA's Practical Tools

Australian Forest Operations Research Alliance (AFORA) develops practical tools to improve:

  • the understanding, management and control of forest operational costs for existing, evolving and new harvest systems;
  • the planning and management of value recovery within harvest operations; and
  • the application of optimisation to supply chain efficiency planning and management.

In particular;

  • the ALPACA tool allows modelling of single forestry machines or entire harvest systems; and
  • the Machine Costs tool is a single machine analysis to evaluate the machine’s hourly cost.

Click here to be taken to the AFORA's website for additional information.

Click here to be taken to AFORA's website for industry tool downloads.



DPIWE’s LISTmap is a source of many useful layers to assist foresters, landowners and planners including:

In the primary industries - farming section the Enterprise Suitability – Pinus radiata aims to classify land suitable for growing farm tree species (Eucalyptus nitens and E.globulus will be added).

Click here to be taken to DPIWE Enterprise Suitability Mapping Toolkit.


Property Planner Mapper and Calculator

A handful of mapping & calculator tools to provide immediate ‘farm planning’ benefit for landowners running small to medium farming and forestry enterprises across Tasmania.

The Private Forests Tasmania Property Planning Mapper is available for FREE.

Coming soon .....