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Farming guides

Managing trees is a long term business.

Quite often the person who plants the tree will not be the one who benefits from the products it provides at final harvest, although they may have the joy of watching it grow towards maturity.

Before you plant a tree, let alone a plantation or forest, you should consider all the positive and negative effects it will have on your farm, home, driveway, services, crops, stock and all the other assets on the farm.

There is a wide range of assistance available to help with planning a farm forest. It is essential that you receive appropriate professional advice. This can save a lot of unnecessary work and expenditure.

Resources that can assist in the planning phase include:

  • Private Forests Tasmania
  • Forestry Consultants
  • Forestry Companies (Joint Venture and Lease Programs)
  • Whole farm planning courses
  • Other land owners who have commenced harvesting their well-managed plantations or forests.

We've put together a series of fact sheets that will help you understand what is required for the long term planning, maintaining and harvesting processes.

Reducing the carbon footprint of Tasmanian dairying

Funding from the Tasmanian Climate Change Office is helping DairyTas identify ways to reduce the carbon footprint of dairying in Tasmania.  This project involves research, case studies and extension activities.  DairyTas is partnering with LIC and Private Forests Tasmania's Tree Alliance in delivery of this project.  Other project partners are assisting with specific topics.