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Forest Practices Plans

Both public and private entities are required to complete a Forest Practices Plan and abide by state regulations if you are conducting any type of forestry practice in Tasmania.

Forest practices include:

  • harvesting and regenerating native forest
  • harvesting and/or establishing plantations
  • clearing forests for other purposes
  • clearing and conversion of threatened native vegetation
  • constructing roads and quarries for the above purposes
  • harvesting tree ferns.

A Forest Practices Plan is a legal requirement under the Forest Practices Act 1985 if you intend to carry out forest practices, apart from the exceptions detailed in the Forest Practices Regulations 2007.


The Forest Practices Authority administers the Forest Practices Plans within Tasmania.

Forest Practices Plans must be in accordance with the Forest Practices Code, which provides guidelines and standards designed to ensure reasonable protection of the natural and cultural values of the forest when forest practices are undertaken.

To help make management decisions about the management of private tree farms the Forest Practices Authority has put together some information that guides landholders and applicants through the forest practice plan process.

For additional information, please visit the Forest Practices Authority website.