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Draft Rural Water Use Strategy

18 Nov 2020


The Tasmanian Government recognises the value of water and the opportunities it unlocks for rural and regional Tasmania.  Our relative abundance of freshwater supplies in our rivers, streams, lakes and groundwater is one of Tasmania's greatest advantages.

Through careful management and delivering water infrastructure, this 'liquid gold' is transforming Tasmanian agriculture, creating jobs and expanding farm production to meet the growing demand for Tasmania's premium produce.

The Government is committed to ensuring that Tasmania is properly positioned to continue to realise the benefits of our natural advantage, which is why they are seeking your feedback on the Draft Rural Water Use Strategy.

The Draft Strategy has been prepared by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) to provide an overview of the proposals that may be included in the Government's Rural Water Use Strategy.

The Rural Water Use Strategy will guide the State's future water management arrangements to ensure integrated, fair and efficient regulation and compliance of Tasmania's water resource to deliver sustainable outcomes for irrigators, rural communities and the environment.

The Government has sought input from key stakeholders and the general public in the development of the Draft Strategy to ensure that it is meaningful and relevant to the rural communities, industries and water resource systems it aims to support.

The Rural Water Use Position Paper was available for public comment in April-June this year. Forty-nine submissions were received covering a range of topics that individuals and organisations considered to be important for the sustainable management of Tasmania’s water resources and for making the most of the opportunities to use our water for productive outcomes. These have been summarised in the Position Paper Submission Overview Report which is also available for download.

Many of the topics and issues raised by stakeholders through the consultation so far are within the scope of the Rural Water Use Strategy and they have been addressed through the action items proposed in the Draft Strategy.

Some topics and themes raised through the consultation are not within the scope of the Strategy and will be put forward to be addressed through other existing mechanisms, activities and programs.

Feedback received will inform the priorities and actions of the final Strategy which is due to be completed by March 2021. 

Submissions must be received by 5.00pm on Wednesday 16th December.

CLICK HERE for additional information and to view the Draft Rural Water Use Strategy.