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PFT's Agriforester elected as Chair of the IFA/AFG Tasmanian Division

23 Sep 2021


The Institute of Foresters of Australia (IFA) and Australian Forest Growers (AFG) is a professional association with about 1000 members. The members are forest scientists, professionals, managers, and growers operating in all aspects of forest and natural resource management throughout Australia.

The IFA/AFG works to advocate for and provide professional development to ensure a balanced, integrated forested land use, as well as sustainable management that meets the community and environmental needs.

In the past 12 months the Tasmania division has supported and assisted the National office with the 2021 IFA/AFG Conference in Tasmania. The division has also hosted two events over the year to bring members together in an educational manner, along with supporting the Tasmanian forest industry through contributing to committees, reviews and supporting local forest companies through certification processes.

Molly hopes to continue the ongoing success of the IFA/AFG Tasmanian Division in a manner that aligns with the objectives of the National Strategic Plan, building on the vast knowledge and experience which is within the committee.

For additional information on the IFA/AFG, please visit the Institute of Foresters website.