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Online pruning workshop with Rowan Reid

21 Jul 2021


Rowan Reid will present a 90-minute Zoom presentation on the silviculture (pruning and thinning) of trees for high quality timber on Friday 23rd July 2021.

Winter is pruning time.  Pruning can turn a tree that might only be suitable for firewood into a high value sawlog.

Timely thinning can promote diameter growth by up to six times.

Rowan Reid (Forest Scientist, university lecturer and owner of Bambra Agroforestry Farm) will present a 90min interactive online workshop on pruning and thinning farm trees for high quality timber.

Topics include:

- why prune and the impact on wood quality and log value

- the biology of pruning and thinning

- when and how to prune for high quality timber

- thinning to promote diameter growth

- how much space each species needs and how to measure it

- tools and equipment including hand tools and electric pruners

- ongoing information and support

The focus of the workshop is on the management of individual trees on farms using simply tools. Examples will include a wide range of native and exotic species including eucalypts, wattles, Redwoods, oaks and more.

Participants will receive a set of detailed notes via email prior to the workshop and can ask questions during and after the presentation.

Those registered will be eligible for some ongoing personal email and phone advice for the rest of the pruning season.

The session will be held on July 23 at 3pm via Zoom. Cost is $25/family - Book online here.