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Forest Safety Code (Tasmania) – Consultation Workshops

10 Nov 2020


Last week, three workshops were held to provide workers, contractors and forest managers with an opportunity to review the consultation draft of the revised Forest Safety Code (Tasmania).  Sixty five attended and were provided information about the proposed changes and provide an opportunity to give input into the Exposure Draft that will presented to the Minister for Justice in early December.

Interactive polling technology was used to obtain direct feedback on issues that include:

  • the minimum length of a handfaller’s escape route
  • information that should be included on signs at worksites
  • the role and use of the Forest Operations Safety Plan (see figure 1)
  • tasks for which formal training is necessary

The groups were also asked to provide any thoughts about omissions or errors in the current draft. Twenty seven issues were identified for further consideration.

Figure 1- Workshop Feedback

workshop chart

View the Consultation Draft of the Code.

Submissions will be accepted by Stefan Butson at PF Olsen via email ( until 20th November.