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Socio-economic impacts of the forest industry

15 Oct 2020


University of Canberra - EconSearch ,May 2018 - Jacki Schirmer, Mel Mylek, Anders Magnusson, Brigitta Yabsley, Julian Morison

The forest industry in Australia contributes to jobs and economic activity in many communities.

During the last decade, there has been little information on how the industry is changing in different regions, including change in the number of jobs generated, dependence of different communities on the economic activity generated by the industry, the type and quality of work generated in the industry, and how residents of forest-industry dependent communities view the industry and its effects.

Forest and Wood Products Australia has invested in research to produce up-to-date information on the socio-economic impacts of the forest industry. This report presents findings for the forest industry in Tasmania, where the forest industry has experienced rapid change in the last decade, particularly in the native forest sector.

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