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Forests for life - Farm Forestry and Landcare Program

15 Oct 2020


Western Australian Government NRM Program , June 2018 - Daniel Mackey, John Gregg

This report investigates the proposed program of a large agroforestry project in the South West and Great Southern regions of Western Australia, Forests for Life Farm Forestry and Landcare Program.

The report considers the project viability concerning environmental, financial and social costs and benefits and the program sponsor, Forests for Life ability to deliver the project outcomes to different stakeholder groups. This report provides the detailed financial analysis, using a Discounted Cash Flow Method (DCF) as the key decision support technique to assess the financial feasibility of the proposal.

There is evidence the program will deliver substantial environmental, social and financial benefits to the individual landowners for participating in the program, investors who have provided the capital required across the life of the project, local communities in the program regions, in the general public of Western Australia who visit these regions and experience the improved visual amenity.

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