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Tasmanian Forest Industry launches COVID-19 Recommended Practices

15 Oct 2020


The Tasmanian Forest Industry has today released a document of recommended practices to help the industry to continue to operate safely as COVID-19 restrictions ease.

The 45-page document “COVID-19 Recommended Practices for Tasmanian Forest Industry Operations” was created as a collaboration between industry stakeholders in Tasmania, on the Mainland and abroad.

The document details the steps each part of the supply chain can take to stay safe.

The document is an initiative of the Tasmanian Forest Industry COVID-19 Communications Working Group, hosted by the TFFPN, which was established in the early stages of the pandemic.

The first initiative of the group was to survey employees within the industry to determine whether the industry was, and could, continue to operate safely and to establish if the sectors employees had additional information needs that could be addressed.

The survey results were pleasing reveling that over 86% of forest industry workers were finding it very easy or somewhat easy to implement social distancing and safe hygiene work practices in their role and over 82% were either extremely or very confident that they could continue to work safely through this period.

“We are very proud of the adjustments the industry has made across the full supply chain to operate safely through COVID-19,” says PFT CEO Penny Wells.

“But as restrictions ease, it is more important than ever to adhere to the recommended safety and hygiene practices to ensure we continue to stay safe. We cannot afford to become complacent.”

The document was adapted from a New Zealand document with the blessing of the New Zealand forestry organisations that funded the publication: Forest Industry Contractors Association, Safetree, and the Log Transport Safety Council.

Industry stakeholders were consulted on the document throughout its adaptation and development to ensure that it would work in practice in Tasmania.

“It is great to see the collaboration happening between organisations, countries, the public and private sector to ensure we all get through COVID-19 safely,” says Wells.

Click here to view COVID-19 Recommended Practices for Tasmanian Forest Industry Operations