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SUBMISSION: Farm Management Deposits Scheme (FMDS)

18 May 2021


The IFA/AFG’s submission to the Farm Management Deposits Scheme (FMDS) review addresses the elements of the FMDS that are most relevant to private forest growers. Conceptually, the FMDS is a sensible policy designed to assist primary producers manage the risks and variability inherent in primary production. However the IFA/AFG submission highlights that the FMDS does not currently embrace forestry as a form of primary production, nor recognise the unique characteristics of long term forestry enterprises.

Consequently, despite years of advice and representations from AFG, the scheme has not been adapted in any way to accommodate private forestry. The IFA/AFG submission draws attention to limitations of the current scheme and provides recommendations as to how these should be addressed.

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Photo credit Rob Burnett.