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Participate in the Perennial Prosperity Project

18 Nov 2020


You are invited to participate in the 'Perennial Prosperity' project to contribute your perceptions about how trees on farms can be increased and managed.  The Project aims to improve the adoption of trees on farms by quantifying the cost and benefits of trees integrated into agricultural enterprises, derive financial and natural capital balance sheets for agroforestry systems that demonstrate the benefits of trees on farms, and demonstrate the right trees in the right places will add substantial value to the farm enterprise both through cashflow and capital.

The ‘Perennial Prosperity’ project (2020-2023) is a CSIRO led research and development initiative supported by the Federal government Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment, through the Smart Farming Partnerships Round 2. Partners in the Project include The University of Tasmania, Private Forests Tasmania, and Greening Australia (Project Partners).

Participation in this study will involve an interview with a CSIRO staff member from the Project Team. You may choose to be interviewed via phone, or face-to-face. The interview will take place at a time which is convenient to you and will cover the following topics:

1. Your perceptions of the potential opportunities and barriers to planting trees.

2. Your opinions of accounting for trees in ecological balance sheet tools.

A list of interview questions will be made available to you before the interview for your interest, but the interview does not require any preparation.

With your consent, interviews may also be recorded using a Sony handheld audio recording device. The study outcomes will be used to inform decision makers around the costs and benefits of trees on farms.

If you would like to participate in this Project, please CLICK HERE to complete the Perennial Prosperity participant form.