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Industry associations and regional organisations to drive export success

15 Oct 2020


14 August 2020 - Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Trade

Tasmanian industry associations and regional organisations will have the opportunity to support Tasmanian businesses to team up to find, build and grow export markets through the new Tasmanian Trade Alliance Program.

Grants of up to $25 000 are now available to help undertake collaborative projects across the state and our industries, to build on their competitive advantage and develop solutions to trade and export challenges.

Forming trade alliances helps strengthen both the reach and reputation of local businesses and the recognition of Tasmanian goods and services more generally.

Businesses aligning together in a specific industry or geographic region is a growing trend globally, and has proven effective in increasing sales and building efficiencies.

The Trade Alliance Program will, under the leadership of industry associations and regional organisations, help connect businesses, networks and precincts to engage mainland and international markets, collectively maximising the reach of these trade groups.

Examples of industry alliances often include companies involved in aspects of bringing products to market such as freight, e-commerce and supply chains, or the sharing of knowledge, equipment and infrastructure to maximise return on investment.

With COVID-19 creating significant trade challenges we are working closely with our producers, exporters and manufacturers to develop collaborative projects that have the potential to generate immediate and ongoing trade benefits for our economy.

Tasmanian industry associations or regional organisations interested in supporting a trade alliance can get more information at

The new Tasmanian Trade Alliance Program is part of our commitment to empowering local businesses to take their world class products and services to customers around the world and is a key initiative of the Interim Trade Action Plan launched in July 2020, along with an additional $2.65M announced for trade development.

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Additional information on the Trade Alliance Program.