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Call out to Farmers to assist in Forestry research

04 May 2022


In May 2021, Pollinate, conducted research into the different ways farmers were diversifying their income in Tasmania using on-farm forestry.  The feedback from farmers has been positive and the idea has progressed and is now known as ActivAcre.  ActivAcre is gearing up to start work and now wants to work with local farmers again to make sure it delivers to what farmers and the community need.

About the research

As part of the research, ActivAcre are looking to speak to interested, knowledgeable or experienced farmers and community members in Northern Tasmania.

The research will involve 4-hours of your time and you will receive $400 for your time. The workshops will be held at the following venues on the following dates,

  • Monday, 9th May at Wynyard Golf Club between 12pm – 4pm
  • Tuesday, 10th May at Devonport Country Club between 12pm – 4pm

The research will involve working with community members and representatives from ActivAcre to build the idea to make it work for farmers and the community.

In recognition of your valuable time, we will pay $400 directly to your bank account.

This research is really important to make on-farm forestry an option for local farmers to maximise their returns from farms, increase diversity and resilience in these changing times.

Confirming attendance

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please reach out to Ellie at Pollinate on 0481 163 740 or

If you wish to verify the validity of this research please don’t hesitate to contact Ellie Holmes, Senior Research Manager at Pollinate at

Pollinate is a member of the Australia Market & Social Research Society (AMSRS), and abide by the Code Ethics as defined by the AMSRS and State and Federal legislation regarding privacy laws. To verify their credentials please visit Pollinate is also accredited with the ISO 20252 certification. For more information please visit