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Project update for the Forest Safety Code review conducted by PF Olsen Australia

15 Oct 2020


Since the end of August, the project manager PF Olsen Australia, has reviewed the responses received to the Preliminary Draft of the revised Forest Safety Code (Tasmania).

To date, forty-two people registered an interest in the review and of these 17 responded to the online surveys providing useful feedback.  A further 9 people submitted marked up copies of the Preliminary Draft with suggested changes.

Overall, the feedback has been positive.  The main concerns raised relate to the wordiness of the new document and the formality of the document.  To address this a professional editor has been engaged to edit the next draft before consultation and a professional graphic designed will layout the next draft. Some contractors have raised concerns that they were unable to access the document online.  The Project Team is following these contractors up individually.

In respect to other issues raise the following major changes have been made:

  • Alignment of planning process with the Forest Operations Safety Plan to ensure consistency with the old Code.
  • Updating of all training and competency references in line with recommendations received from ForestWorks.
  • Inclusion of a new section on exclusion zones and safe work areas so that separation distances are standardised and there is a clear process to develop safe alternatives when normal separation distances not reasonably practicable.
  • Amendment of manual harvesting section in relation to preferred methods and single tree assessment
  • Changes to figures and tables to make them easier to read

Over 80% of the individual changes recommended by stakeholders have been accepted. The remaining issues will be referred to the Steering Committee for their advice.

A key issue that must be resolved before the Consultation Draft is circulated and workshops are planned is the status of the Code.  To get this issue resolved the Chair of Private Forests Tasmania has written letter to Minister Archer seeking her views

Tasmanian Forest Safety Code Review