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Report Rubbish and the Litter and Dumping Management System for Land Managers

29 Sep 2021


The Tasmanian public can easily report litter and dumping of rubbish on public land on their smartphones, tablets and computers via a simple web application which forwards reports automatically to the relevant land manager.  Developed by the state government to help reduce littering and dumping, Report Rubbish requests information about the location, quantity and type of rubbish found.

The system automatically forwards the report to the relevant authority alerting them that rubbish has been dumped on their land.

For land managers, a second, parallel, system called the Litter and Dumping Management System (LaDMS) provides land managers with a tool for managing reports made through Report Rubbish.

Access to LaDMS is available for land managers and service providers only.  To get access to LaDMS your organisation will  need to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

For additional information, visit the Environmental Protection Authority Tasmania website, or contact their office on (03) 6165 4599,