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ForestTECH 2021/22

23 Feb 2022

ForestTECH is this region’s most popular annual independent forestry technology series. This year, in addition to advances being made in remote sensing and forest inventory, like ForestTECH 2020/21, one of the two days has been set aside to profile the very latest developments in forest establishment, mechanised planting and silviculture.

For only the second time since its inception, the physical event (on-site presentations, exhibitions and workshops) is going to be run in just one location, Rotorua, New Zealand. This is a direct consequence of border restrictions that still exist between countries. This provides some surety for planning for event exhibitors, presenters and delegates.

1. Remote sensing, data capture and inventory management

ForestTECH 2020/21 provided insights into new data collection technologies that have been developed and are being used operationally out in the forest along with advances that had been made on processing and better interpreting the big data streams now routinely being collected.

Updates on disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, IOT, machine and deep learning, robotics, automation, daily satellite imagery, UAV’s and the use of virtual and augmented reality and how they’re being integrated into day to day operations of forestry companies were covered by international and national presenters.

2. Forest establishment, mechanised planting and silviculture

ForestTECH 2020/21 also included a full day on technologies around forest establishment, mechanised planting and silviculture.

A significant number of presentations given at last year’s ForestTECH series covered research and trials being undertaken on planting with drones, seedling deliveries from drones onto more remote planting sites and tree seedling survival counts using satellites, hyperspectral and multispectral imagery and deep learning.

As these new remote sensing technologies are being rolled out, there is an obvious cross over between forest data collection, remote sensing and cutting-edge research and trials around tree crop management.

Delegates this year included representation from companies located in; New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Brazil, USA, Canada, Columbia, Chile, Ireland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, China, South Africa, Latvia, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Please visit ForestTECH for additional information.