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Carbon Forestry 2022

09 Aug 2022

9 - 10 August 2022 -  Rotorua, New Zealand and online

The Carbon Forestry 2022 event is being designed to suit a wide range of local and international managers and investor delegates. New Zealand’s ETS changes have delivered positive interest and investment. Strategically motivated corporate emitters are acquiring land for carbon planting as are niche international investors.

Recent rises in carbon prices have seen local emitters with emission obligations become motivated to form collectives to purchase marginal land suited to afforestation to establish forest portfolios.

Their objectives are closely aligned to key Government policy directions. Conference sessions will provide expert opinions across the debate. In close cooperation with Government, pre-and post-conference workshops and seminars make this conference a key focus for professional attention.

Topics covered:

  • Session 1: Setting the Scene and “the mechanics”
  • Session 2: Who’s Involved – Demand-side and What’s Happening
  • Session 3: Who’s Involved – Supply-side and Case Studies
  • Session 4: What’s Next and What Might Prove Challenging?
  • Panel Session: Future Carbon Landscape – How May Carbon Forestry Play Out Longer Term?

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